Here at THINK Estate agents we want to ensure our staff and customers remain safe now we are able to conduct viewings and valuations again. We have implemented 3 new steps to make sure everyone stays safe.

Guidance on viewings & home moving during the COVID-19 outbreak

Before Lockdown the property market was looking very strong, demand from buyers was up and also a good supply of new properties coming to the market. But since then, a lot of buyers have put their search on hold and this has mainly been down to the fact that traditional viewings cannot be done at the moment.

You might think selling your home in lockdown is an impossible task, some people would say your crazy to think it’s possible. What if we told you we sold this property in just 5 days during lockdown? 🏑

This is a very special Thank you for all of the NHS & Key workers ! Thank you for being hero’s and holding our communities and country together. Hopefully if you see any of our new boards they will put a smile on your face.

THINK Estate Agents bring you a very rare opportunity to rent this beautiful 5 bedroom home. With feature fire places, large bay windows and 3 reception rooms we cant help but fall in love with this stunning home.

After speaking to Terry and all the team involved in the Sunflower Project, I was amazed by all the hard work and dedication they have. Every weekday they are up at 5am to prepare and deliver lunches to children and families who are struggling during this unprecedented time.

Given the current circumstances you would think that our industry would have ground to a holt. Well at THINK Estate Agents we innovated and took advantage of not only the technology available to us, but also the great skill set our team attained over the years.

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